Testing Goes Digital This Month at Project REAL!

Testing Goes Digital This Month at Project REAL!

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For many years, Project REAL has requested teachers who use our materials to issue pre-tests and post-tests to their students.  Teachers would typically mail in paper forms which the Project REAL team would then tally and archive.  This helped us to see how our activities were impacting students in small batches, but was highly time consuming.  If you would believe it, sometimes the students’ handwriting was a bit difficult to decipher as well!  This month, that all changes.

Starting this school year, all of our pre-tests and post-tests will be issued digitally through online portals.  In addition to providing almost instantaneous results, we will also be able to adjust questions or add in new feedback options and have those alterations apply instantly!  This provides us a number of unique opportunities.  For just one example, we will now be able to see how students who interact with Project REAL across multiple school years progress behaviorally and academically.

We made this decision after conferring with many of the teachers we’ve worked with in the past, out of concern that some teachers may have difficulty providing their students with access to computers.  After a healthy period of research, we have decided to move forward and are confident in our decision to do so.  Should there ever be any issue for any instructor relating to this decision however,  Project REAL will accommodate those classes in any and every way possible.

We look forward to sharing some of the results we see after this school year concludes, so be on the look out for some exciting data from Project REAL in mid-2017!

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