Your Day in Court

Your Day in Court

In Clark and Washoe Counties, 5th – 12th grade students spend a morning in the state and U.S. District Courts to gain first-hand knowledge of both Federal and Nevada civil and criminal judicial systems. The students are able to view actual cases and court procedures from jury selection to sentencing.

To prepare students for the court experience, teachers are provided with student and teacher guidebooks explaining the processes and the terminology common to the court system. Judges and other personnel often spend time answering questions in their courtrooms.  Preview a copy of the teaching material provided to students here:

Our saying at Project REAL is that we provide our resources at no cost to the students, teachers, or schools.  That saying goes the extra mile with our field trips: we event reimburse schools for the expense related to bus transportation for these field trips!

Please contacts us to get a Your Day in Court experience booked for your class by calling 702.388.7527, emailing, or by following the instructions in our account creation guide which can be found here:





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