REAL Drama

REAL Drama

As important as many current legal issues are, information in the media can be confusing and misleading. REAL Drama uses short plays to present current controversial legal issues.

Our middle school REAL Drama material focuses on immigration through the lens of the history of U.S. immigration law and the responsibilities of the U.S. Department of Justice and Homeland Security. . You may view a copy of the guide for this activity here:

The second REAL Drama focuses on privacy law and policy.  This is taught through the lens of the highly controversial Edward Snowden leaks in a way that allows high school students to draw their own conclusions while requiring them to support their opinions with facts based on law and legal precedent.  You may view a copy of the guide for that learning experience here:

To request either of these books and play performances for your school or to sign up your school to perform one of the plays,   please call 702.388.7527, email, or get a head-start on the process by following the instructions in our account creation guide which can be found here:

In the meantime, consider what one Nevada teacher had to say about our REAL Drama resources:

“The play really helped them understand the process AND cleared up many misconceptions they had about immigration. Honestly, as a teacher, I learned a lot about immigration as well and I have heard this from every teacher that has attended it in the past. The students were able to see a perspective different from their own and for several of my students, they are facing the same challenges or could so this was essential that my students experience this. Personally, I think all government classes should attend. Overall, I loved it, my students loved it, and I will take my classes every year.”


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