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Project REAL offers unique educational opportunities that are provided at no cost to the schools, teachers, and students of Nevada.  Our program consists of a number learning activities, with at least one available for each grade from K-12.

How to Request Field Trips, Books, and Other REAL Resources for Your Students

If you teach students or serve in and administrative/leadership position and would like to request Project REAL resources, simply download our account creation guide at the following link and follow the instructions’ by opening this link:

Now take a look at just a few of our offerings available this year:

Play by the Rules

Have you ever tried to play a game without knowing the rules? It can be difficult. The same is true about the law. By holding kids accountable to the law without teaching them the law, we are asking for trouble.

Play By the Rules presents Nevada law to middle school students and those involved with the juvenile justice system in an interesting and thought-provoking way. Taught by teams of teachers and law enforcement officers, the students gain knowledge, critical thinking skills and the attitudes necessary for success.  Preview a copy of the student guide here:

You can also learn more here:

Your Day in Court

In Clark County and several counties in Northern Nevada, 5th – 12th grade students spend a morning in the U.S. District Court and the state court to gain first-hand knowledge of both Federal and Nevada civil and criminal judicial systems. The students view actual trials and court procedures from jury selection to sentencing.

To prepare students for the court experience, teachers are given study guides explaining the processes and the terminology common to the court system. Judges and other personnel spend time answering questions in their courtrooms.  Preview a copy of our student guide for this activity here:

You can also learn more here:

REAL Drama

As important as many current legal issues are, information in the media can be confusing and misleading. REAL Drama uses a short play to present current controversial legal issues.

Our middle school REAL Drama material focuses on immigration. You may view a copy of the guide for this activity here:

The second REAL Drama focuses on privacy law and policy.  You may view a copy of the guide for that learning experience here:

You can also learn more here:

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