Remembering Irwin Molasky, Project REAL Co-Founder

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The board and staff of Project REAL mourn the loss of Las Vegas visionary businessman and philanthropist Irwin Molasky who, along with his good friend Sam Lionel, founded our organization because of their unabiding faith in the young people of Nevada.

Irwin loved our community as only someone who built it could.  Creating this organization fifteen years ago showed he was ahead of his time in seeing the need to cultivate more understanding among law enforcement, the courts, and our young people.

Because of Irwin’s vision, more than 185,000 Nevada youth have learned about their rights and responsibilities under U.S. and Nevada law through the interactive and immersive experiences of Project REAL at no cost to them, their families, their teachers, or their schools, making Nevada a safer place for all of us.

It is a testament to Irwin’s unrelenting commitment to our community, state, and country, that, at an age when most people are immersing themselves in the comforts of retirement, he was still hard at work, looking for ways to improve lives, and developing solutions like Project REAL.  While we only had fifteen years working with Irwin, learning from him, and being mentored by him, we relished every interaction.  Irwin was a true patriot who led by example and whose generosity was inspirational.

We have been fortunate to have had the privilege to carry out Irwin’s vision over the last fifteen years, and now we will ensure that his legacy lives on through our continued work in the community.


Tom Kovach
Executive Director

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