Project REAL is Getting SOCIAL in 2017!

On February 1st, 2017, posted in: News by Comments Off on Project REAL is Getting SOCIAL in 2017!

Thanks to some hard work from our AmeriCorps VISTA team, our social media accounts are more active than ever.  While in the past we used them to share updates on our day-to-day activities, as we move forward we will be sharing interesting articles related to the work we do. Visit us on our pages and be sure to leave the team a message or two!

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Project REAL Will Be Going Mobile!

On January 10th, 2017, posted in: News by Comments Off on Project REAL Will Be Going Mobile!

We’re excited to share an exciting development with you about the future of Project REAL: Today we concluded our final design meeting with a team of developers who are building a mobile app for us!  Since December, we’ve been working with the development team to create a tool that will benefit students, teachers, parents, and to a greater extent all residents of Nevada.

The most exciting feature of the app will allow students to access all of our books long after they’ve used them in the classroom.  We will also be writing supplemental posts for each topic we cover so that students can continue to engage with education about the law on their own.  The app will also be providing easy access to things like our volunteer application forms, online pre-tests and post-tests, and more.

Look for an app-launch announcement from us in late Spring or early Summer 2017!

A New Record?!

On December 22nd, 2016, posted in: News by Comments Off on A New Record?!

We are very excited to announce that all ‘standard’ openings for our Your Day in Court fieldtrips have been booked for the 2016-2017 school year in Clark County!

Why the excitement? Given that in the 2015-2016 school year we still had openings in April, this development seems to imply we will be reaching many more students this school year. We also have plans to help out any additional classes that might want to attend these fieldtrips. Our ‘standard’ field trips in Clark County take place at the Regional Justice Center and the Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse in Downtown Las Vegas every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Our plan now is to work closely with our contacts at both courthouses to set up additional field trips on Mondays and Fridays when they are able to accommodate additional groups of students. Additionally, we hope to soon be able to work with other courthouses in Southern Nevada if the opportunity to offer multiple field trips each day becomes available.

These are exciting times for Project REAL and there is sure to be more to come, so check back here regularly for more updates!

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