Project REAL Gift Cards

Project REAL Gift Cards

THIS HOLIDAY SEASON there’s no need to get caught in the shopping madness. Instead, give a gift that will have a lasting impression on your receiver, our kids, and the community … give REAL Gift Cards from Project REAL. Reconnect your clients, friends and family with the true meaning of the season by sending a unique gift that honors them while supporting the law-related educational programs of Project REAL.


For just $5.00, Project REAL will send you a handsomely designed greeting card and mailing envelope with a description of the initiative your donation supports, as well as a space for a personal message. Or for just $20.00, Project REAL will send you a special package of 5 assorted REAL Gift Cards. Special price points may be available for volume orders. For more information please contact us at (702)388-7527 or

You may choose from any of the following options…
Tomorrow’s Good Citizen lets your recipient know that a donation has been made to help support the initiative that will bring interactive and engaging educational programs into the classroom teaching kids about the principles of democracy, the law, and the responsibilities of good citizenship.


Lights, Camera, Action! informs your recipient that a donation has been made to help support the initiative that uses drama to teach middle and high school students the facts about confusing and controversial subjects such as immigration and privacy. By helping students learn the facts, they can form educated opinions based on the truth, not hearsay.

Play by the Rules will tell your recipient a donation has been made to help teach kids actual Nevada laws through our Play by the Rules program. Play by the Rules brings to life 200 Nevada laws that pertain to their daily lives. Students learn the laws first-hand, the consequences of breaking the law, and how to become a law-abiding citizen.


Your Day in Court notifies your recipient a donation has been made that will allow students to tour and witness court proceedings up close and personal. Your Day in Court brings students of all ages to state and federal courthouses to experience our judicial system first-hand.


For just $20.00 Project REAL will send you an assorted pack of 5 REAL Gift Cards. To request specific designs, please contact us at (702)388-7527 or

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